A prerequisite for RinRuby is a working installation of R, but no special compilation flags, installation procedures, or packages are needed for R. If using the RubyGems system, RinRuby can be installed by simply executing the following at the operating system’s shell prompt (denoted $):

   $ gem install rinruby

This will download and install the latest version of RinRuby from RubyForge, an archive of Ruby extensions analogous to CRAN for R. The equivalent command for jRuby is:

   $ jruby -S gem install rinruby

If RubyGems is not available, the single "rinruby.rb" script can be downloaded from RubyForge here and placed in a directory found in Ruby’s search path (as given by the array $:).
Regardless of the installation method, RinRuby is invoked within a Ruby script (or the interactive "irb" prompt denoted >>) using:
   >> require "rinruby"

For syntax and usage, please refer to Quick Start.